The nutrient density content
in our food has dropped

over 60%

It’s time for a food system designed for health and planet


Invests, operates and incubates companies
that will power the Regenerative Agriculture Revolution.

We need to reverse the sorry state of our food system


increase in farm bankruptcies in 2019.


harvests remaining due to rapid topsoil erosion.


decline in birds, insects and bees caused by traditional agriculture.



Works in partnership with nature to make great tasting, nutrient rich food while healing the planet.

Regenerative Agriculture creates more nutritious food and increases soil carbon content


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Soilworks Principles

Better and healthier food

Regenerate soil to store water and carbon

Restore plant and animal diversity

More profitable family farms

Better and healthier food

Restore plant and animal diversity

Regenerate soil to store water and carbon

More profitable family farms​

The US Food System is a $1 trillion dollar industry in need of disruption

End to end, new companies will be required to drive the revolution.

From inputs to technology to distributed processing to financial instruments and new consumer brands.

Soilworks is a Public Benefit Company on a mission to accelerate the Regenerative Food Movement by helping launch scalable, repeatable businesses that fuel the Regenerative economy.

We believe the incumbent agriculture system is unable and unwilling to change – much like any other industry locked in unsustainable models.

It was started by Ed Byrne and Lew Moorman who developed a passion for the regenerative movement while building software companies at Scaleworks using common sense business principles. Soilworks is their mission oriented effort to bring common sense disruption to the food system – the most important market in the world.

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